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Our ABA therapists are available in various cities near you.

At KNR, our mission is to empower families in local communities with individualized ABA therapy treatment plans designed for your child’s unique needs. With providers throughout various cities, we make it possible to get the crucial support your family needs in your local community. Our ABA therapists can meet you in our clinic or in your home to help your child develop independence in a variety of settings and situations.

Our team provides support and guidance for everyone involved with your child’s care, including grandparents and other family members. It is our mission to help you create an environment of hope, support, and growth for your child that minimizes his or her potential limitations.

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We Support Your Family with ABA Therapists in Your Community

Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD often benefit from practicing skills in a variety of locations where they live and interact daily. Our blended setting therapy offers your child the opportunity to integrate skills learned in one setting into other situations and environments.. In our clinic, at home, or in the community, our local ABA therapists can work with your child. In this way, they will be able to maintain skills in a daily context.

  • Clinic-Based Therapy – Our therapists provide clinic-based therapy to aid your child with social interaction, communication, routines, motor skills, and more. During the skill development process, parents and caregivers are involved in the learning process.
  • In-Home Therapy – A home-based therapy program helps your child develop skills and habits in the natural environment of their home while making progress toward goals. As part of the therapy process, your child’s therapist can help them practice daily interactions, situational routines (such as mealtimes, playtimes, and bedtimes), self-care, and hygiene.
  • Community-Based Therapy – Your therapist will work with your child to generalize their new skills and increase their independence as they develop new skills.

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Our ABA therapists have expanded to meet the needs of the community and surrounding areas.


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