An Individualized Treatment Plan for Your Child’s Individual Needs

At KNR, we recognize that each child has unique strengths and areas where growth can occur. With all ABA services, KNR customizes every treatment plan to meet the needs of the child and family it serves. And no plan stays the same forever; plans evolve constantly through ongoing assessments and feedback from families that reflect progress made.

KNR’s individualized treatment plans are developed to provide a better quality of life for families in several key areas:

Health and






KNR Provides ABA Services Where Your Family Needs it Most

KNR’s blended setting therapy model is designed to ensure the skills learned in one setting (e.g. center) are maintained outside of therapy hours in everyday situations and settings (e.g. home, school, community). New skills are put to the test in the context of the family’s everyday life to ensure decreased dependence on ABA services.

ABA Clinic-Based Therapy
Services provided in a structured environment where parents and caregivers can be active participants in teaching during everyday routines

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In-Home ABA Therapy
Support provided in the child’s natural environment to improve social interactions and other targeted skills or behaviors

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In-School ABA Therapy
ABA services in the actual context of the school day to help with social interactions, classroom behaviors, and other issues

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Enhance independence and skills to support natural improvement in less predictable environments.

To begin the process, all it takes is a short interview to learn more about your child and family’s needs.

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Take the First Step Towards Independence with “Practiced Routines”

Click the link to access online video series, Practiced Routines, for free. The online video series Practiced Routines helps parents and caregivers independently learn the principles of ABA and develop strategies to improve specific behaviors within the daily routines of everyday life. Over the course of the program, you will learn to:

  • Watch and record your child’s behavior to track progress
  • Identify patterns that influence your child’s behavior
  • Use proactive strategies to prevent problems and prompt positive behavior
  • Teach your child replacement skills and desired behaviors
  • Manage consequences and reinforce positive behavior

Let the Learning Begin!

Click the link to access KNR’s online video series, Practiced Routines, for free

Contact KNR for instructions on how to access the self-directed training curriculum (which can be completed on your own time) including guided training modules, fillable forms, progress tracking sheets and additional resources.

Register for live, ongoing parent education and coaching from one of KNR’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), to aid parents and caregivers in implementing behavior plans.

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