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At KNR Therapy, we are committed to serving children with autism and their families through supportive, individualized ABA therapy in Columbus, Georgia. We create personalized therapy plans and goals based on your child’s needs, strengths, and challenges. Your child’s plan will build on their strengths, develop new skills, and optimize growth to improve their quality of life. Most of all, we are dedicated to treating your child and family with compassion and understanding.

In addition to therapy, we also offer holistic support for parents, caregivers, and family members. We understand that autism affects your whole family, and we provide resources and guidance to help educate everyone who plays an important role in your child’s life. Our mission is to help your family create a positive environment of hope, help, and growth that maximizes your child’s potential.

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Comprehensive, Personalized Care Plans to Help Your Child Grow

Our personalized care plans are based on a detailed assessment of your child’s specific needs and strengths, incorporating input and feedback from parents and caregivers. Over time, the plan will evolve as your child makes progress and meets target goals. These goals may include improving social skills, building daily routines, and improving interactions in the community.

Your child’s care plan will be implemented with empathy and careful consideration of their current abilities, learning style, and challenges. Our therapy strategies and behavior plans will help your child make progress in several key areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Social Relationships
  • Productive Activity
  • Community Participation

How ABA Therapy Helps Your Child Learn, Grow, and Thrive

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidence-
based, proven approach to helping children with autism develop essential skills and behavior patterns. Our Columbus, GA team consists of highly skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) who will work with your family to develop strategies that align with your child’s learning style and needs. By identifying triggers and creating strategies that prevent problems and prompt positive behaviors, we can help your child build skills that serve them well in a variety of settings.

As part of this process, we also provide support and training for parents and caregivers so you can implement the principles of ABA therapy at home. This includes:

  • Using proactive strategies to build skills and navigate challenges
  • Getting targeted support for your child’s specific needs
  • Accessing information and training resources to expand your knowledge
  • Helping your child maximize their potential and improve quality of life

We Support Your Family with ABA Therapy in Columbus, GA

Children on the autism spectrum often benefit from practicing skills in a variety of locations where they live and interact daily. To help your child integrate skills learned in one setting into other situations and environments, we offer a blended setting therapy model. Our Columbus, GA therapists can work with your child in our clinic, in your home, and in the community to help them maintain skills in the context of daily life.

  • Clinic-Based Therapy – In the clinic, our therapists will work with your child on specific goals such as social interactions, communication skills, routines, motor skills, and more. Parents and caregivers participate in the learning process as we implement strategies to support skill development.
  • In-Home Therapy – In-home therapy helps your child make progress toward goals as they develop skills and routines in their natural home environment. Your child’s therapist can help them practice daily interactions, situational routines (such as mealtime, playtime, and bedtime), self-care and hygiene, and more.
  • Community-Based Therapy – As your child develops new skills, your therapist can work with them to generalize those skills and increase independence in less familiar environments.

We Focus on
Ability, Not Disability

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