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Autism Treatments

Has your child recently been diagnosed with autism? We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information and the variety of treatment options available. To help you gain a better understanding of the many different autism treatments and therapy approaches, we’ve put together some in-depth resources that explore the goals and benefits of each treatment. As you build your knowledge base, you will begin to feel more confident in making choices about therapy providers, treatment plans, and goals.

More Autism Resources

Looking for autism resources and information? Explore the topics below to learn more about autism treatments including autism therapy options, ABA therapy, speech therapy, and more.

At KNR Therapy, our goal is to provide support for your whole family as you navigate your journey with autism. That’s why we have developed a library of resources you can use to learn more about autism in general and ABA therapy in particular. These resources are designed to help parents and caregivers learn the strategies of ABA therapy so you can practice them with your child at home. We hope you’ll find them helpful!

Autism Treatments

Autism Therapy

ABA Therapy

Speech Therapy

ABA Therapists in Your Local Community

At KNR, our mission is to empower families in local communities with individualized ABA therapy treatment plans designed for your child’s unique needs. With ABA therapists in many cities, we can meet you in our clinic or in your home to help your child develop independence in a variety of settings and situations.


If you have questions about ABA therapy or about how you can take the next step for your family, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to support and empower every member of your family as you help your child with autism build new skills, gain independence, and establish positive daily routines. No matter where you’re starting out, our mission is to help you take your next step

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