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At KNR therapy, our mission is to empower families and children with autism by developing practical strategies to support improved quality of life. Our approach builds on your child’s strengths with compassionate, empathetic ABA therapy that targets foundational skills with individualized behavior plans. In collaboration with parents and caregivers, we help children build social skills, communication skills, and other behaviors that support successful daily interactions and routines.

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) help your child maximize potential with skills they can use in real life.

Proudly Serving Families with ABA therapy in the Greater Tampa Area:

Build Skills to Increase Independence and Quality of Life

Our personalized ABA therapy treatment plans are designed to meet the unique needs of your child and your family. Starting with an assessment of your child’s abilities, we create a holistic plan that aims to develop new skills, address challenging behaviors, and establish consistent navigation of daily routines. As your child makes progress, the therapist will work with you to re-assess behavior goals and strategies.

Your child’s behavior plan will develop positive behaviors in several key areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Social Relationships
  • Productive Activity
  • Community Participation

Our goal is to offer hope and help as you navigate your family’s journey with autism. In addition to therapy for your child, we also provide a range of support, guidance, and resources to improve the quality of life for your whole family.

Compassionate ABA Therapy in Wesley Chapel

ABA therapy helps your child improve language and communication skills, social interactions, adaptive behaviors, and foundational skills for daily living. It is a proven treatment that is the best choice for helping children with autism develop positive behavior patterns and replace problem behaviors. Our therapists help your child grow in their talents and abilities by developing skills and routines based on their strengths, needs, and interests.

Our ABA therapists in Wesley Chapel will work with your child to:

  • Improve attention and focus
  • Improve social skills and interactions
  • Develop language and communication skills
  • Build daily routines
  • Minimize challenging behaviors
  • Manage consequences

We encourage and empower parents and caregivers to participate in the learning process by incorporating the principles of ABA therapy and reinforcing skills at home. We come alongside you with support and information to help you implement your child’s behavior plan.

Give Your Child the Tools They Need to Be Successful

Because no two children think and interact the same way, every child needs a behavior plan that is unique to them. Our blended setting therapy model provides flexibility in choosing the environment most supportive of your child’s learning style and needs. As your child develops skills in one context, we work with them to generalize those skills to other environments and situations.

  • Clinic-Based Therapy – Clinic-based therapy helps your child learn in a distraction-free environment. Parents and caregivers participate in the learning process as your child makes progress toward goals.
  • In-Home Therapy – Our therapists work with you in your home to help your child learn and practice skills in their natural environment and routines. Our goal is to help your whole family feel more confident in daily routines and interactions with your child.
  • Community-Based Therapy – Children with autism may struggle to transfer new skills to less familiar environments. Community- based therapy gives them the opportunity to learn and interact in the places they regularly visit such as school, the grocery store, or the library.

We Focus on
Ability, Not Disability

Clinical Leadership Team in Wesley Chapel

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