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At KNR, we provide the support families need to help children with autism flourish. Our goal is to help you enjoy more meaningful interactions with your child as they develop on their strengths and build new foundational skills. We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to develop a personalized treatment plan based on your child’s abilities, challenges, and learning style. As the most recognized, effective, and evidence-based autism treatment available, ABA therapy centers on building skills through practiced routines that help improve the quality of life for your child and your entire family.

Our therapists provide ABA therapy in Winter Park and throughout the greater Orlando area so you can find support in your local community.

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Personalized Behavior Plans to Help Your Child Thrive

Your child’s behavior plan starts with an interview and assessment of their current strengths and challenges across several different domains. Every plan is unique to the individual, and our therapists will collaborate with parents and caregivers to fully understand the needs of the child and family. As your child grows in their ability, we conduct ongoing assessments and adjust the behavior strategies to reflect progress made.

Your child’s plan will help them develop meaningful skills in key areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Social Relationships
  • Productive Activity
  • Community Participation

Our collaborative approach also provides support for families through access to resources, training, and information. We build relationships with all parties so we can educate and assist everyone who participates in your child’s journey with autism.

What Can ABA Therapy Do for
Your Child?

ABA therapy is the gold standard for autism therapy. Individualized treatment plans focus on giving your child the skills and abilities they need to have meaningful social interactions, improve communication, and unlock potential.

We accomplish these goals through:

  • Diagnostic interviews and assessments
  • Personalized behavior plans that engage your child in learning
  • Skill-building strategies to enhance strengths and navigate challenges
  • Learning in the context of everyday situations
  • Integrated support for the whole family

We help your child build verbal, communication, social, emotional, behavioral, and adaptive skills so they can feel more comfortable and confident in their daily experiences. We also provide ongoing training and support for families so you can participate in the learning process and improve the quality of life for everyone who interacts with your child.

Blended Setting ABA Therapy in
Winter Park

Our blended setting therapy model helps your child transfer and maintain skills learned in one context in other settings. We integrate therapy into your child’s daily experiences at home, at school, and in the community. Over time, our goal is to increase your child’s and family’s independence in everyday situations.

  • Clinic-Based Therapy – In the structured environment of the clinic, our therapists work with your child using play-based and naturalistic strategies to develop skills and functional behaviors. Parents and caregivers participate in the process as we teach skills and behaviors while developing and encourage a love of learning.
  • In-Home Therapy – Because children with autism learn best in the context of real-life, our therapists work with your child in your home to build core skills within the context of routines. In-home therapy provides security for your child, support for the family, and flexibility in scheduling.
  • Community-Based Therapy – Skills learned in the clinic or the home can be generalized to fewer familiar environments such as school, the grocery store, or the park through contextual learning. We work with your child in community settings to help them improve social interactions, communication, and daily life skills.

We Focus on
Ability, Not Disability

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